Head & Shoulders

The World Leaders in Dandruff and Scalp Care

The World Leaders in Dandruff and Scalp Care


When Head & Shoulders was launched in 1961, it was the first time people had experienced the powerful dandruff eliminator, ZPT. Fifty years later, as the world's No.1 shampoo, we're still innovating and leading the way in hair care that gives you confidence. Clinically tested over 200 times, we are the most tested* and most trusted dandruff shampoo.**

*based on published studies
**P&G calculation based on Nielsen sales information July 2012 – June 2013.


Have a sensitive scalp? Want volume boost? How about options just for men? Head & Shoulders has the perfect collection for you.



Our mission is to free the world from dandruff – because we believe that nothing should stop you from feeling confident and enjoying life to the full.

That’s why we’ve dedicated ourselves to getting rid of dandruff and giving you great-looking hair, so there is one less thing to worry about when it really matters.

Head and Shoulders Anti-dandruff Shampoo


We’ve been the expert on dandruff since the 1960s. When we started out, the only dandruff remedies available were a chore to use, smelled terrible and left your hair feeling flat.

That wasn’t good enough for us, so we became the first to craft a product that is not only effective at removing dandruff, but tackles its root cause. Then we added extra benefits like moisturisers and fresh-smelling fragrances to make it enjoyable to use.