Dandruff and acne both have different causes, but many people find that they experience them both at the same stage – usually during puberty.

The worst possible feeling is when you’re already suffering from dandruff and realise that your face is starting to show signs of acne. Your mind might wonder whether there is a relation and you wouldn’t be wrong in thinking so. But first you need to understand what dandruff and acne are. 

Acne is an inflammation on your skin, caused by an increase in oil production that combines with surface debris like dead skin cells and dirt to block the pores on your face. The bacteria that normally lives on the skin infects the plugged pores, causing a reaction within your body that leads to whiteheads, blackheads or those confidence destroying pimples.

In the case of dandruff, excessive oil or sebum on your scalp is broken down by a naturally occurring microbe, Malassezia Globosa. Around 50% of people across the globe are sensitive to the oleic acid produced by this process, which is the main cause of dandruff. The symptoms are red patchy skin, severe itching and dead skin cells in the form of white flakes. 

Can Dandruff cause Acne

Do Dandruff cause Acne?

Your face isn’t far from your scalp and both these ailments are caused by excessive oil production. So while dandruff and acne might have different causes, their triggers are the same. This is why many people first notice acne and dandruff at the same time - both can be linked to hormonal changes that increase oil production, like those that happen during puberty.

The causes of acne can be hormonal changes, weak diet, stress, reaction to certain medicines, and even excessive cosmetic products. These can cause your body to produce more oil, which are secreted through your pores. If the dead skin cells that are flaking off your scalp and hair get transferred onto your face, they can clog your pores and aggravate your acne problem. 

The key factor here is oil production. It’s not as if your scalp is going to produce excess oil, and your forehead will make less. The body sends signals to increase oil production based on hormonal changes, weather, and various other reasons. This excessive oil, when combined with external pollutants and dead skin cells is a recipe for dandruff pimples on forehead. 

The best way to check if this acne is due to dandruff, is to use an anti-dandruff treatment and reduce your cosmetic products. If the disappearance of dandruff reduces your acne, then the answer is clear to “does dandruff cause acne”. If the acne still persists after getting rid of dandruff, then visit a dermatologist for the same. 

How to reduce dandruff pimples on head

There are various ways that you can start to control your dandruff related acne. If you think do dandruff cause pimples, this is the way to find out:

- Keep your hair out of your face and avoid transferring dandruff flakes onto it. 
- Brush your hair regularly to get rid of the flakes and to also boost blood circulation to the head. 
- Anti dandruff shampoos can become your saviour in this trying time. Combine it with a conditioner to untangle your hair, preventing it from becoming a heat trap.
- Use a gentle face wash to keep your face clean of dirt and excess oil. 
- Massaging essential oil like Argan oil, can boost the health of your hair and reduce inflammation. 
- Wash your hair regularly especially if you sweat often. Those minerals left behind can aggravate your existing conditions. 
- Avoid harsh styling and cosmetic products. These can strip away the natural oils, leaving your skin excessively dry, prone to infections, and be the cause of dandruff pimples on scalp. 
- Applying diluted Lime juice to your scalp and face has shown to reduce bacterial inflammations. 
- Aloe Vera has anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal properties that can get rid of dandruff and soothe your irritated skin.
- Create a healthy diet which incorporates Fatty acids and Vitamins that are essential for healthy skin. Reduce your carbohydrate intake along with this. 
- Stress can intensify flare ups, so it’s important to find ways to reduce the pressure. 

Anybody suffering from acne and dandruff together, will search high and low for solutions. Start with what is easier to solve. Find a good anti-dandruff shampoo like the Head and Shoulders Lemon Fresh or the Head and Shoulders Active Protect 2 in 1 shampoo and conditioner, to help get rid of your dandruff and dead skin cells. These can open up your hair and allow the natural oils to not get trapped, thus being one of the best ways on how to get rid of dandruff. This should help reduce your acne problem, stopping you from wondering do dandruff cause acne. And with this you can finally reclaim the confidence that might have ebbed away with the appearance of these blemishes, living a life without at least one worry.